Defensive Driving Training Course:
Defensive driving consists of skills, practices and behaviors acquired and learned by student drivers and helps in creating a safe driving environment for all people using the road; whether they are pedestrians, bikers, bicyclists or automobile drivers. The defensive driving courses we offer in Sacramento, CA is the best in the area. When you take our defensive driving course you will learn how to spot and understand traffic signs and signals, observe the right of way rules, drive at an appropriate speed, respect the law and others using the road, be courteous, avoid road rage, and handle difficult situations dictated by physical or social factors on the road. Our defensive driving course covers theoretical as well as practical aspects of driving a motor vehicle. We provide the best driving training course in the Sacramento area. 

Defensive driving is a bundle of habits that must be developed and practiced, taking a defensive driving course with a well equipped and licensed driving school is the best way to do that. 
There are many reasons why people get frustrated on the road, maybe they have not planned their trip well, maybe there was a delay caused by road work, a slow driving person might appear to be the reason or any set of factors. How do we deal with frustration on the road? Our defensive driving course will help you evaluate the situation, appreciate the conditions and sympathize with other drivers, before judging or take rash actions, and then how to avoid sticky volatile situations, thereby become a better driver!
picture of a driving student taking defensive driving training course.
Is it worth it to take a defensive driving course? What we know is that insurance companies will lower your rate if you provide them with a letter from a licensed driving school showing you have enrolled in and finished a defensive driving course. You save money! and before that you safe lives. And remember that courts can order the DMV to remove negative driving points from your records. Making mistakes is part of life, but correcting those mistakes and guarding against new ones prove how wise you are. Take an online defensive driving course or a behind the wheel driving course or both to sharpen your defensive driving skills. The following links give more information on our defensive driving course for teenagers

Defensive driving courses disgned for adults and mature drivers

Adults and mature drivers need to take defensive driving courses to improve their skills, to improve their insurance ratings or take points off their driving records. With our school you will learn a lot and become a better driver. Please press on the links below to learn more about defensive driving course designed for adults and mature drivers.

A mature driver taking behind the wheel defensive driving course