Classroom Driving Education

If you prefer to take your driver's education in a classroom setting, you are welcome to take the intensive driver's ed course in our beautiful classroom. This course teach you defensive driving skills. Take this course before you go for written test the California DMV administers before they issue your driving instruction permit. Our driving ed classes teach the laws and rules governing driving a car in California, the drivers education course gives you important information about your car and the physical factors affecting the car during driving, the diver's ed classes teach you the right of way rules and how to deal with difficult situations that might arise while you are on the road, the driver's ed course teaches you defensive driving skills and much more.
The drivers ed, course our driving school offers, is reasonably price, we made sure that all students have access to this important drivers education course.
You can get to the school's address by either using the bus from anywhere in Sacramento, or driving. The classes fill fast, we are booking for the next class now!

number of driving students sitting in driving school classroom
There is plenty of parking space and shopping centers including trader Joe, Walmart, gas station, Starbucks, Ross etc...
2945 Fulton Ave. Sacramento CA, 95821