Our School's address: 2945 Fulton Ave.
                                   Sacramento, CA 95821
 Our Phone Numbers:
(916) 514-1283 (no text)
                                (530) 761-1967 (you can text to this number)

Our email: americanchampiondrivingschool1@gmail.com

Drive with courtesy
American Champions Driving School's drivers ed and behind the wheel training programs make sure that our students understand the value of driving courteously. Traffic in Sacramento, CA and Davis, CA gets busy during rush hours, and with so many drivers trying to get to where they want to go, we need to look out for each other, and make driving less stressful. Please drive with courtesy, yield the right of way to other drivers if safe, share the road and help others to enjoy the road. Please check About Us. We offer drivers education and behind the wheel lessons for teenagers and adult/mature student drivers in Sacramento, CA and Davis, CA. We help them prepare for and pass their DMV test and get their driving license in California.

How to Drive on the Freeway

It takes skill and practice to get on and keep driving on a freeway. Freeways around Sacramento, CA, Davis, CA and Woodland, CA sometimes get really busy and you need to be careful. Enjoy watching!

How to parallel park

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

It takes patience and skill to parallel park. Watch these videos to parallel park like a professional! 

How to pass your drivers test 

YouTube Video

Follow these simple tips on how to pass a driver's test and you will pass with flying colors!

How to park

YouTube Video

This video describes and shares tips on how to park in three different ways, perpendicular, parallel and angle parking. Sit back and watch to learn how to park like a pro!