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The behind the wheel classes are tailored to match the student-driver’s experience,level of skill, and need.

Teenagers are required to complete a six (6) hour behind the wheel driving lesson course with licensed driving school . You must take a 30 hour driver's ed course before she/he can start taking in car driving classes. After the teen passes the written test and gets a certificate of completion from an accredited driving school, he or she can take the written test at a DMV and obtain an instruction permit.

Your instruction permit you get from the DMV will not be valid it is signed by a licensed driving instructor during your first driving lesson.

Sign up for our intensive 6 hours behind the wheel driving classes to learn defensive driving and become a safe driver. Our in the car driving lessons are divided into three class sessions two hours each. We start the behind the wheel lesson with a 20 minutes demonstration and we show the students all the skills he/she is going to learn in the lesson. The student then gets behind the wheel and start driving. Each skill is repeated several times as the student become more comfortable executing the tasks . On subsequent behind the wheel driving lessons we start the lesson with a review that covers all the skills covered in previous lessons and then build on that with new instructions and skills. When the student finishs taking all three classes, we issue her or him a certificate of completion to take to the DMV where the real behind the wheel test is administered.

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What skills do I learn from behind the wheel classes?

All the skills you need to pass the DMV's behind the wheel exam.
1- Driving in a straight line and through intersections and practice changing lanes.
2- Making left turns and right turns
3- Pulling to the curb, parking, backing up and then merging into traffic
4- Merging bike lanes
5- Parking into busy parking lots
6- Freeways (merging into a freeway, drive for a least twenty minutes, practice switching lanes, exit the freeway)

Our behind the wheel driving training course teaches student drivers the essential skills to safely maneuver a motor-vehicle. We take the student driver to many roads, intersections, and freeways to ensure that he/she is safe while driving with pedestrians, cars, bikes, trucks, or motorcycles around.

Our behind the wheel driving course prepares you for the California driver's license test. We give you tips on how to be ready for the driving test and how to pass it on your first attempt. Our in-car driving training is the best in Sacramento, CA.

Behind the wheel course for adults and mature drivers

Mature Drivers, 55 years of age and older are recommended to take an eight (8) hour course of in the car training.

Adults between 18-55 years of age can take the two (2) hour refresher course or any number of hours as suits the individual's case.

The behind the wheel driving course for adults and teenagers does not differ much from the one teenagers use, you need your instruction permit t sign up for this course. We start the first driving lesson with an overview and a short, 20 minutes demonstration, and then give you the wheel to practice. The driving instructor will be always there for help if you need more demonstration or to get out of a sticky situation cheers!

For subsequent lessons, you take the wheel right from the start, we conduct a brief review and assess your driving skills. We correct the weaknesses and build up on your strong points to learn new skills. Adult and mature drivers usually take more than six hours lessons since they do not have as teenagers do practice with their parents. No matter how many class hours you want to take, you have our commitment and full devotion to help you get to where you want to be. You will be prepared to take the DMV test, pass it and get your driver's license.

Where is your behind the wheel school located?

The main office of our behind the wheel school is in Sacramento, CA

2945 Fulton Ave

Sacramento, CA 95821

However, we offer behind the wheel classes to driving students in all the cities around Sacramento

We serve Davis, woodland, Winters, Esparto, Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis

Lincoln, Orangevale, Fairoaks and Elk Grove and all the incoprporated cities within Sacramento.

Call us!

(916) 514-1283

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What is your behind the wheel course prices?

Behind the wheel training prices vary between driving schools, but our prices are the most affordable in the area.

You are encouraged to pay the package price when you start the course, but if you want to pay as you go we will

accept that. The price per individual classes is slightly different from the package price.


What documents do I need to enroll in behind the wheel classes?

You need your instruction permit or a student license to go on the road with our instructors. It is always a good idea to have some kind of ID on you, but your instruction permit or student license is all what we need to enroll you in the behind the wheel course and take you to the streets to practice driving.

How do I get an instruction permit?

If you are a teenager between 15-18 you are required to take an online or classroom drivers ed. course, take your certificate of completion to the DMV and take a written test. Upon passing the test, the DMV will issue you an instruction permit. Once you have received your instruction permit, call us, and we will enroll you in our behind the wheel training course.

How and where can I take a drivers education course?

You have two options:

1- Take our online drivers education course:


Can I register for behind the wheel classes via the phone?

You can register for our behind the wheel driving lessons in the Sacramento area either by calling (916) 514-1283 or if you live in Davis, CA you can call (530) 761-1967


Behind the wheel test tips!

1- Relax! remember the DMV wants to make sure you meet the requirements to be a safe driver, they are not seeking to fail you. Actually the DMV treats all license seekers with respect and do all what it can to help them pass the behind     the wheel test.
2- The test takes about 20 minutes. You will be asked to make left and right turns, drive through intersections, change lanes from left lane to right lane and vice versa, park on a curb and back up. They will look at how you execute these         maneuvers and whether you are scanning and checking traffic before taking any action. Remember it is about safety.
3- Practice! practice! practice!
4- obey traffic signs and speed limits
5- When driving behind other vehicles make sure to follow at a safe distance. (3 seconds rule)
6- You must stop a full stop at all stop signs
7- Know and obey traffic signals. Red light means stop, green means go and yellow be careful
8- Signal before making a turn, left or right, and signal when changing lanes but remember to cancel your signal when done.
9- Drive defensively. Observe the right of way rules
10- Steer smoothly and make smooth stops
11- Get your license