We are aspiring to be the best driving school in Sacramento, CA. and we are looking forward to add excellent driving instructors  and office clerks to our team. If you are looking for employment as a driving instructor or office clerk, and have what it takes, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.
We look for the following traits in our instructors:
    1- High morals and ethics. You will be dealing with students who expect guidance and support and you are expected to have high moral values and high work ethics.
    2- Knowledge and experience and the ability to convey that to your students.
    3- Patience and self control.
    4- Respect for the students, coworkers and the public.
    5- Team-player.
And the following traits in office clerks:
    1- Excellent phone and people skills
    2- Excellent marketing and selling skills
    3- Team player
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